The opportunity

The frontline customer facing sales and service employees are among the most important investments for any business. Does your business enable these employees to quickly respond to the changing customer expectations?

Ability to delight customers, time after time, is the most precious skill for any frontline employee. Are they able to sharpen those skills quickly and leverage them for personal growth?

We believe there are significant opportunities for frontline employees as well as businesses today. And, by addressing these opportunities, we can raise the bar of customer delight for every business. Let's do it.

The Problems

  • Even though the frontline sales and service employees often play critical role in delighting customers, they do not have any customer feedback data of their own which they can leverage to grow within the organization or find new & better jobs.
  • Businesses invest large sums of money to gather customer feedback, improve business practices, training people, & monitoring progress to deliver customer delight and still have unsatisfactory results.
  • Customers often do not feel a sense of ownership by the frontline employees, making them feel unsatisfied.

The Solution

  • The app, CuSat, enables frontline employees to gather customer feedback data in real-time from each of the customers they serve. The employees own this data and leverage it for personal growth. Business may promote the use of this app to all their frontline employees or the frontline employees may use it independently for own benefits.
  • Businesses may promote use of CuSat by their customer facing employees and promote their ownership of customers to improve customer satisfaction almost instantly.

Win-Win for All

CuSat fosters much higher sense of customer ownership by each of the frontline employees which results into happy customers. The employees can leverage the feedback data for personal growth within the organization or to find a new & better job.

Next Steps