CuSat for Employers

Now, a quick way for businesses to boost customer delight by engaging their customer facing employees directly in the feedback process at zero cost & zero risks.

There is nothing more powerful than a motivated employee to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.

There is nothing that motivates the employee more than a business practice that opens doors to better future for themselves.

Encourage your customer facing employees to use CuSat for every customer they attend. Your endorsement of CuSat will go a long way in delivering customer delight. Besides, you will get amazing insights on employee's customer impacting traits, if the employee chooses to share them with you.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Most businesses have their own customer feedback process. How is this different?

Most feedback processes are top down where the customers give feedback to the company and company makes process changes as appropriate. The frontline employees are minimally engaged in this process. Reflexons is a bottoms up process where it puts the frontline employees in the center of the process, as they are hugely instrumental in delivering customer satisfaction. Reflexons creates significant value for the frontline employees as well as the business without creating any risk for the customer or the business. This is smart.

How do we know that the feedback data is real and not fake?

CuSat has various built in checks to flag questionable feedback, which can be eliminated from final analysis. Timing of the feedback, frequency of the feedback from any single user, digital relationship of the customer with the employee, location of the user with respect to employees workplace location etc are used to flag questionable feedback. CuSat team will continue to improve this scienece of flagging questionable data over time.

How insightful is this data for employers?

Very insightful. CuSat separates feedback in two parts...1) employee traits and 2) support from business to the employees leading to customer satisfaction. Employer may request his/her employees to share their data which would give very useful insights on traits of each employee as reflected by the customers. The analysis of the second part will provide insights on business practices and its impact on customers.

Can the employee take customers away when they quit job and go elsewhere?

CuSat does not provide email addresses or phone numbers of customers who have given feedback to the employees. The employee only gets collective analysis of their own customer feedback. This prevents any leakage of customers when employees change jobs.