CuSat for Customers

As of now, you have given feedback to businesses with a hope that the business would collect and analyse this feedback, make changes to their business practices which would ultimately trickle down to local operations and the customer facing employees for better customer experiences going forward.

Now, you can give feedback directly to Sales & Service employees and expect quick impact while still providing insights to the business on their business practices for on-going improvements.

In addition, as more employees join CuSat over time, you will be able to get a "customer care rating" of Sales & Service personnel of the company before you engage with them. This would be of immense value to you.

Should we be comfortable giving feedback directly to the employees?

You should. The feedback is not just about saying you are good or bad. It's about identifying traits that are their potential strengths and weaknesses. For example, you could be checking off "product knowledge" & "taking time to understand my needs" as strengths but "follow up" as a weakness (if that was your experience). The employee would only thank you for your feedback. The employee will only see collective analysis of their customer feedback, that is feedback from minimum 10 customers, for any corrective action they choose to take for themselves. The employee will never be able to identify which customer gave what feedback.

Would I be harassed by the employee in future with emails & text messages?

CuSat does not share your phone #s or email addresses with the employees and so they would not be able to send any personal communication to you directly.

Do I need to give feedback immediately after I receive the service or can I give feedback anytime?

You may give feedback anytime.