CuSat for Customer Facing Employees

A major breakthrough for customer facing Sales & Service employees...
Two things matter the most for any customer facing employee when managers assess their performance or new employers are evaluating them for jobs...
1) their ability to achieve desired results consistently and
2) their ability to keep their customers happy. The emoployees have various means to show their past successes but have no way to show their ability to keep their customers happy, with some exceptions of happy customer notes here and there. CuSat fills this gap.

CuSat enables customer facing employees to gather invaluable customer feedback data from every customer they attend to. Customers can either download the app on their smartphone or tablet or use employee's device. It takes only a minute of their time to give feedback. While it is very simple to collect this feedback, it's highly insightful feedback for the employee.

Most businesses have their own customer feedback process. How is this different?

Businesses typically gather customer feedback to improve their business practices. It's not designed to directly benefit the employees. Also, employees do not own this data or carry forward their data across jobs. CuSat is designed for employees to gather customer feedback data for their own records. The employees can carry this data forward when they change jobs.

How insightful is this feedback for employee's personal improvement?

It's very insightful. It not only indicates happy vs not happy customers, but also indicates specific traits of the employee that the customer appreciated. This data, over time, becomes a powerful indication of employee's strength areas (e.g. product knowledge vs customer follow up vs willingness to go above & beyond etc...) as well as identify potential soft areas.

How insightful is this data for employers?

Again, very insightful. CuSat separates feedback in two parts...1) employee traits and 2) support from business to the employee leading to customer satisfaction. The analysis of the second part is very insightful for the employers.

How can an employee use this data to further their career?

The employee can get realtime analysis of their data (for select duration, select employer etc.) which can be emailed to any valid address they choose. The employee may choose to get the report for themselves or have it sent to their managers or future employers, as they wish. No one else can get these reports without the employee initiating the request.

How do we know that the feedback data is real and not fake?

CuSat has various built in checks to flag questionable feedback, which can be eliminated from final analysis. Timing of the feedback, frequency of the feedback from any single user, digital relationship of the customer with the employee, location of the user with respect to employees workplace location etc are used to flag questionable feedback. CuSat team will continue to improve this scienece of flagging questionable data over time.